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Fame, I wanna live forever.  Unless there is an onset of Global Thermonuclear War.

Sometime in the month of February, the website, coolsiteoftheday.com found my WarGames site and featured it as the “cool site of the day”.  This gave me a relative 15 minutes of fame and from there, a nice chain reaction of a few other large sites listing it as well.  Everything from a radio station in Houston, to both a Dutch and Japanese version of coolsiteoftheday (unaffiliated but likely plagiaristic).

The impact on my WarGames site traffic was fairly dramatic.  Here are some stats:

  • Unique visitors for 01/2011 = 314. This is pre-‘cool site of the day’ traffic.  Not bad for visitors just coming mostly from search engines.
  • Unique visitors for 02/2011 = 2,763. Holy crap.
  • Unique visitors for 03/2011 = 1,766. Dramatic drop-off from February but still way up there.

All of this of course means better Search Engine Optimization for my site, http://richterwebdesign.com.  Which is one of the main reasons why I built the GTW site in the first place.

That site only took me about 15 hours to make and I find this recent excitement inspiring to make other completely useless websites for nerds like me.

By the way, that screenshot above is the final sequence from my website that only about 50% of site visitors stick around for (you have to play a few rounds of Tic-Tac-Toe while the WOPR completes the launch code).


Search Engine Optimization

Up until now, I have largely ignored my richterwebdesign.com SEO results as I only have the time and availability to take on 1 client at a time. With more referrals than I can keep up with and a laundry list of projects I’d love to spend some time on, my thoughts on the topic thus far have been…meh.

Search on ‘Seattle Web Designer’ and http://richterwebdesign.com comes in with the following rankings:

Now, don’t get me wrong.  SEO results for my clients are very important to me and I implement all the necessary actions when creating a client website to promote organic Search Engine Optimization.  Ex, if you google, ‘Chicago Drummer’, you will get the site I created http://thechicagodrummer.com on the 1st page of search results.  Granted that is a pretty damn nice URL, but landing on the 1st page of Google search results is nothing short of the Holy Grail. That URL is actually an alternate landing page to the site http://mattcordier.com and all the links within thechicagodrummer.com will send you on to Matt’s main site.  A deliberate effort to increase site visibility.

I am fully committed to the future of Richter Web Design and I see myself 5 years from now making the transition of Full-Time Starbucks partner / Part-Time RWD to Full-Time RWD / Part-Time Starbucks partner (I’ll work there as long as they’ll have me). So then, perhaps the time for me to be making efforts and improvements on my SEO growth is now.  Why wait until I want/need those results to be on page 1?

So my goal is simple.  By 12/31/2011, I want richterwebdesign.com listed somewhere in the first 3 pages of search results for each of the major search engines listed above, specifically for the term ‘Seattle Web Designer’.  And, I’m going to do it ‘organically’.

I have a pretty solid understanding of how to make this happen.  Some obvious methods and perhaps some that others might not be considering.  To be clear, this is not an SEO blog.  This is an SEO call-to-action on a web design blog.

So the last day of each month, I am going to post my latest search result rankings. Also, I will make periodic updates (probably a couple per month) to the following list of steps I have implemented to reach my goal.

The list is…

  1. Strict valid xhtml mark-up. I do this for my sites anyway, but with a recent RWD redesign and a few items I need to shore up (like an alt stylesheet for IE) this is at the top of my list. To truly validate your code, use the w3.org validator.
  2. Register your websites with the 3 major Search Engines (added 2/13/2011). Simple and effective.  Read my post here for the full details on ‘how-to’.
  3. Blog, blog and then blog some more (added 3/27/2011). The more you write, the more relevant you become.  Oh yeah, good content is a must.

If you’ve got some specific SEO suggestions to consider, post them below.