Firefox 4 Preview

Saw this video yesterday on YouTube and wanted to pass it along.  What I like most about this is the amount of thought, consideration, and effort given to the User Experience (aka UX design) for just the tab functionality alone.  I also love the idea of application tabs and how they will function different from document tabs.

Of course I realize that I geek out on this stuff way more than most.  But, between RWD & my day job as an IT Applications Manager, I spend an enormous amount of time in various browsers.  As more and more enterprise & personal applications are added to the web, our time spent there will obviously continue to increase.  Browser functionality and the User Experience will continue to evolve and there are likely features that don’t yet exist today that 5 years from now we won’t fathom living without… think tabbed browsers.  The browser makers (Mozilla, Opera, MSoft, Apple & Google) are in an all out war & like everything else, the competition brings big change & benefits to you and me.

Of course, being a Web Designer in Seattle, I would like nothing more than to see the hometown team from Redmond put together an adequate browser… but that’s not happening anytime soon.

Gregg –