Designing a Child-Themed Website

Recently I had the opportunity to design and build a website for Little Stars Preschool. As part of this effort, I was given free creative license to do as I pleased (a blessing and a curse).

A website for a Preschool you say, how hard could that be? Well, harder than I originally thought. The info to be shared was minimal and straightforward so the organization of content and pages was a breeze. The challenge for me on this one was establishing a design that immediately conveyed a preschool theme, yet kept in mind that the only site visitors would be adults. Internet searches of existing preschool websites provided me nothing for inspiration, and websites that target kids (typically Kindergarten or higher) are so over the top with animation and colors that they result in immediate migraine-inducing seizures for anyone under the age of 14.

My goal was to keep the design simple, clean, colorful, and representative of Little Stars. So, I created a primary color header image of the school itself, found a nice scripty handwritten font in Google Fonts for my header tags, purchased a great background image of colored handprints, and kept the body text in an expected and readable font. From there I put it all in a custom WordPress instance so that the content is easily manageable going forward and bam, project complete.

Check it out,

Little Stars Mill Creek Website