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Nintendo Games Now Available on iOS

Mario Brother for iPad“Nintendo Games Now Available on iOS” is the headline I hope to read someday (apologies if I got your hopes up with that).

Thus far in 2012, Nintendo posted a loss for the first time in company history and continues to struggle as sales of the DS and Wii get obliterated by the ever growing presence of games on mobile devices.  Specifically, iPad and iPhones.  Do a little research on Nintendo’s stance on making their games available on iOS and they are oddly, adamantly opposed to the idea. Why? I don’t know, makes absolutely no sense.

Here’s my thought. The library of classic games already exists, and the Nintendo brand is so huge that attracting an immediate audience (& sales) would be no issue.  The games are already created so re-developing them for the iOS platform really shouldn’t be too much of an issue for a handful of well-paid top-tier iOS developers. From there Nintendo could charge something minimal like $5 per copy and possibly overnight, sell millions of copies. Extend this approach to the entire NES classics including Zelda, ExciteBike, Punch Out, etc and they have a brand new revenue stream.

If only I ruled the world.


Global Thermonuclear War

2 weeks ago, I had a very important meeting at my day job where a number of us gathered in a room, ate large quanities of pizza and watched the 1983 smash hit, WarGames.  By the end of the movie, I came away with 3 key pieces of knowledge:

  1. Ally Sheedy looked pretty damn cute in 1983
  2. The Seattle skyline in 1983 was just a touch different
  3. I should… no I must build a website to pay homage to this movie, and to give me an opportunity to work on my ActionScript skills & boost my SEO (or so that’s how I justified it)

That night I purchased the domain, to which my wife asked, how many domains do we own now?  A lot… we own a lot.

Once I put together a baseline for what I wanted on the site, I found an outstanding tutorial on how to build a Tic-Tac-Toe game using ActionScript.  Perfect!

15-20ish hours later, I built it and here it is.  Simple, all Flash, as true to the movie as I could get it with the time I allotted myself, and to avoid potential cease & desist letters, ad-free.

A few points about the site:

  1. All the code validates strict (which can be a pain in the arse for Flash sites)
  2. All iDevice users (of which I am one) are auto-redirected here via this handy little JavaScript
  3. The sitemap.xml is registered with Bing, Google, & Yahoo so you can easily find it again in the future if you happen to forget the URL, or your bookmarks get blown away, or someone changes your home pages to something else.
  4. It’s not perfect, but it’s fun.

Lastly, if you lived under a rock in 1983 or go deaf anytime there is a conversation about 1980’s pop-culture, and are therefore unaware of this movie, or if you somehow forgot it’s awesomeness, check out the YouTube trailer below.