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Why I do What I do and Where I do it

Pacific Northwest born and raised, I can't imagine a better place on the planet to call home.

I am an independent Seattle web designer, developer and lover of all things technology, golf, beer, whisky & coffee. If I could find a magic potion that would either add more hours to the day, or eliminate the need for sleep, I would fill that time with endless web design.

Outside of the web, I like to spend time with my amazing family and am fortunate to hold down a full time gig as an IT Application Development Manager for the worlds greatest coffee company, Starbucks.

Yep, I'm a lucky bastard.

"Gregg did a beautiful job. He was attentive, responsive, and incredibly helpful in packaging my client's story. The results far exceeded
our expectations."
― Kelly Schneider / The Innocence Project

"I would recommend him to anyone and will certainly return to him for any upgrades to my current site."
― Deborah Walker / Seattle Artist

"... Very versatile, deep knowledge of all aspects of the web and detail oriented. We'll be working together more in the future as my web site grows."
― Robert Williamson / Williamson Studio Inc.


I've built a lot of websites, here are a few:

Elysian Brewing

I've been working with the fine folks over at Elysian Brewing for almost 2 years now (and continue to). While they are largely responsible for the aesthetic aspect of their website, in our time working together I have converted their existing website to be run entirely in WordPress allowing them to easily update content without the need for a pesky web developer. I've also developed their age-verification system and added loads of functionality and usability for things like social media integrations, distributor resources, applying for jobs online and the list goes on.

Check out their website and better yet, drink their beer (it's delicious)!

Dick Berk

I designed and developed this minimalistic website for Reservoir Records recording artist & jazz legend, Dick Berk.

As a jazz enthusiast and a former drummer myself, this website is near and dear to me. Included in the site is a HTML5 compliant music player for Dick's last 3 records that works great on any device.

Dick is a freaking ridiculously amazing drummer / musician and it was an honor to be able to design and develop this site.

Blue Note Logo

Blue Note Records Logo Concept

Continuing on with the jazz theme, this is a concept logo I pitched to the most famous jazz record label of all time, Blue Note Records. Because well, their current logo is terrible.

I'm still waiting for their call.

Little Stars Preschool

Little Stars Preschool

Designing a child-themed website is more difficult than it might seem. Finding the right balance between child-friendly colors and imagery while keeping in mind that a preschool is still a business can be tricky.

For Little Stars Preschool, I designed and developed this custom WordPress theme as well as got to try my hand at some graphic design work located at the top of each page.

Robert Williamson

Williamson Studio Inc.

Website development for renowned commerical mural artist, Robert Williamson.

Robert had a very specific vision for his website and it was great to work with such an amazing artist to build a web presence that could serve as a digital showcase for his work.

Since Robert works with such high-profile brands like Subway, Starbucks, Westin Hotels, and others, chances are good that you've seen his work.

Global Thermonuclear War

Global Thermonuclear War

My homage to the great 1980's flick WarGames. This project allowed me to flex my Flash ActionScript skills and in February 2011, received the 'Cool Site of the Day' award. Go Me!

What amazes me about this website, is that I spent all of 10 to 15 hours building it after watching WarGames and to this day I receive up to 5000 site visits every month. Nerds unite!

Note, this website was built pre iPhone and iPad phenomenom and will not render on those devices.

"There is no bad whiskey. There are only some whiskeys that aren't as good as others."
― Raymond Chandler

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